Brush Stroked

Meg Witt’s world was demolished when her architect husband died in an explosion at the hands of vindictive serial killer. Now as a young widow she needs to fight back from the brink… Continue reading


  The long awaited 6th in the series of Meg Witt mysteries is now available! Here’s a little preview of what you can expect in Snapped! Investigative journalist Meg Witt finds herself hunkered… Continue reading

Falling Stars

We’re excited to announce a little preview of Joanna Carroll’s 5th book in the Meg Witt Mystery series, Falling Stars: Veteran meteorite hunter Leo, an 80-year-old who is part mountain goat, along with his… Continue reading

Getting Mad….and Even ‘gifts’

  I hope you enjoyed Meg’s first adventure in Getting Mad….and Even. Please enjoy these recipes as a lasting reminder!    Purdy’s and Josh’s Sherbert Watermelon Early in the day or the day before… Continue reading

The Silver Heels Connection

Investigative journalist, Meg Witt, and architect/husband Mark arrive at the ghost town of Camporo in the middle of Nevada’s vast desert a week ahead of schedule. What they’re looking for is a peaceful… Continue reading

Nagging Doubts

For investigative journalist Meg Witt, her stay in the east Texas town of El  Dorado begins with the story of an underground railroad set in place to rescue the women and children from the… Continue reading

Fibs, Lies and Alibis

Desperate for something to do in the sleepy New Mexican town, Meg Witt, a Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist, takes on the job of marketing maven for the meat packing company for which her… Continue reading

Getting Mad….and Even

Investigative journalist, Meg Witt, is looking into a story unfolding in her own Payson, Arizona backyard. There’s usually more than meets the eye when something unexpectedly plunges or conversely rises like a phoenix… Continue reading


Joanna Carroll has many interests, one of them is writing Meg Witt Mysteries. Getting Mad…. and Even is available on Kindle and free for a limited time to Amazon Prime Members. Also available on Nook and more distributors by the… Continue reading